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Winter Wonderland Inspiration!

Colors we love for this winter.

Blues, warm browns, white, white, more white, and silver with a splash of sparkle.

its eco-friendly! what more can you ask for?!

Dream Green Wedding
1. Bracelet: Multi-faceted blue resin beads of many sizes are hand-crocheted into a copper wire chain creating this stunning bracelet. Handmade by Carmen Perez in the central region of Chile, this unique lightweight bracelet has a sterling silver claw closure and is approximately 8 inches long.

Dream Green Wedding

3. Soy Candle: These eco-elegant soy candles are hand-poured using 100%, FDA approved, kosher soy oil and burn cleaner than paraffin-based candles. Available in a variety of sizes and scents, these candles burn about about 40% longer than wax candles, are soot-free and do not emit any harmful toxins (like Benzene) into the air.

Charlotte Balbier

Boutique Collection 2010 - Havana

We love this dress! It is the epitome of white dresses. Beautiful, chic and just plain fabulous.

I Do. Weddings Guide inspiration image.

Colored glass is a great way to incorporate color into your scheme and vintage bottles are always beautiful. There are endless things you can use bottles for, flower arrangements, candles, or you can fill them with your favorite wine as a favor. There are fill own wine bottle places available out there, its something fun you and your loved one can do together! Fill em', label them, and cork them!

I Do. Weddings Guide inspiration image.

This is a pine tree covered in frost. There is no saying that your winter wedding will have guaranteed beautiful winter scenes, but you can definitely control you decor for the event.

You can get this look with artificial pine!

What you need:
Fake pine bundles (or any winter tree of your liking), spray adhesive and white and silver sparkle dusting powder! Do this project outside though! It can get messy.

Dream Green Wedding

Earrings: Multi-faceted blue resin beads of many sizes are hand-crocheted into a copper wire creating these stunning earrings. Handmade by Carmen Perez in the central region of Chile, these unique lightweight rectangles have sterling silver hooks and have dimensions of approximately 1 inch by 1.5 inches.

This Place Card: Dream Green Wedding

The planting, watering and budding of a seed into a wonderful garden of green has long been paralleled to the flourishing of love itself. Make this symbolic connection in a pretty, practical and eco-friendly way with these snowflake Please Be Seeded™ place cards that double as a favor. Include them in your wedding or wedding shower and your guests will have a beautiful array of blossoming wildflowers to enjoy as a reminder of your special day. That's because attached to each of these place cards is a removable white paper snowflake (made with recycled paper!) containing wildflower seeds ready to nurture. With the planting instructions and list of flowers printed elegantly on the back, everyone in your party will soon have the chance to show off their green thumbs. Guests names can be handwritten on each place card or printed on clear labels and affixed. Each card is decorated with dazzling white snowflake prints and the "Please Be Seeded" note cleverly directing parties to their tables. The best part is that this favor is environmentally friendly: The tent style place cards are made from recycled paper, and the detachable seed paper shapes grow into wildflowers. Your guests will love to plant and care for these wildflowers and will remember your special day each time they water them. Going "green" has never been so unique!

I Do. Weddings Guide inspirational image.

I always stress vintage because there is something about the beauty, craftsmanship, and uniqueness to vintage pieces. This silver bracelet would be a great addition to any brides look.

Invitations: Dream Green Wedding

These gorgeous invitations truly sparkle! Each wedding invitation is embellished with one Swarovski crystal. The wedding invitation is enclosed in a recycled, pearl white petal envelope adorned with a designer belly band. A classic pearl white outer envelope completes the ensemble. This extraordinary letterpress printing process gives these invitations a special distinction, but more importantly, makes them eco-friendly.

I Do. Weddings Guide inspirational image.

There is nothing more simple than a white rose. Elegant and timeless.

Charlotte Balbier

Boutique Collection 2010 - Willow

Feeling like you need to bit a covered up for a winter wedding. This is a great option to cover your shoulders and look absolutely stunning.

I Do. Weddings Guide inspirational image.

If you look hard enough in antique stores you will find treasures that can give just the right touch to your day. Even if it is one simple piece that you find. Maybe it could be used for your cake plate for both of you to share or it could hold your champagne glasses, the options are endless. Think out of the box!

Thank you for taking time to look at our winter inspiration!

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